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On June 4th, Dale and Lois Solberg invited some of Dale’s classmates and others in the area to an evening of reminiscing.  It was a fun evening, we enjoyed something new, salmon salad in lefsa and coffee and cookies.  We ended the evening by Chuck Damschen playing the guitar and singing songs from an earlier era that we had enjoyed.

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Get to Hampden

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Northfield 1956

Northfield 1959

Northfield 1964

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Hampden History

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Hampden History

HAMPDEN (Ramsey).  This GNRR town site was founded in 1903 in NE1/4 Sec. 4-158-62, Northfield Twp., and soon absorbed most of the nearby town site of Northfield, whose post office moved here on July 15, 1903 with Joseph A. Elliott pm.  The Northfield name was disliked by GNRR officials because of confusion with Northfield, MN.  Some say the name honors Frank Hampden, a pioneer settler in the area, while others say it was named for a John Hampden.  The elevation is 1569, the Zip Code is 58338, and the village, which incorporated in 1917 and became a city in 1968, reached a peak population of 222 in 1930.
-taken from North Dakota Place Names by Douglas A. Wick

*The information on the History of Hampden was obtained from two sources:  the Hampden Diamond Jubilee Book, which was made available during June 29-30, 1979, and the Ramsey County History book, a three volume book published in 1983 detailing the towns and families in Ramsey County, North Dakota.    The Hampden Diamond Jubilee book was compiled by the then Hampden Senior Citizen Club Heritage Book Committee:  Co-Chairmen:  Miss Pearl Aanstad, Mrs. Carl (Mildred) Mortenson.  Much of what is found in the Ramsey County History book is identical to the Jubilee book, as the same information was used.  Where there is a difference I will add what the Ramsey County book offers as well as the Jubilee book.

Some of the information is no longer accurate in regards to who lives where, or who is still living.  Information will be updated, but for now, all information is based on a 20+ year old books.

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Page Two
Northfield TWP 1900 Census Transcribed

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