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The original musical “Them orphans” written and directed by Joni Haglin was presented Sunday, February 21, at Zoar Free Lutheran Church in Hampden.  Them orphans, played by Erin and Chris Morstad, bring this small town to the realization that there is more to Christianity than building a new church and bringing a Reverend, played by Jim Berg, into town.  As the wild West has become more populated, crime has abounded and Sheriff Pete, played by Clyde Myers, has hired a new deputy, sharp shotting’ Sam played by Cassandra Haglin. Everyone enjoyed the excitement, fun, frolic and music.  As the story unfolded you met the remaining town folks including Blacksmith Eddy (Dave Haugen), the Swenson family: Millie (Elizabeth Berg) her daughter, Heidi (Clarinda Haglin) and her son, Carter (Harvey Haglin), Mrs. Ferguson (Gabie Damschen) and her daughter, Hattie Mae, (Brenna Logie), Miss Foster (Kaisa Morstad), Mrs. Benson (Laurie Morstad), Cordelia (Lois Myrvik), Selmer Jacobs (Brad Myrvik), Seth (Ordale Morstad) and Sally (Hannah Morstad).  They gave the presentation at two performances on that day.  There was a very good crowd and they did an excellent job.  thank you to each one of you.

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Our new site.

Welcome to our new Hampden web site. We will be offering links, photos, history information and more through this new site.

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