On June 4th, Dale and Lois Solberg invited some of Dale’s classmates and others in the area to an evening of reminiscing.  It was a fun evening, we enjoyed something new, salmon salad in lefsa and coffee and cookies.  We ended the evening by Chuck Damschen playing the guitar and singing songs from an earlier era that we had enjoyed.

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community events

The original musical “Them orphans” written and directed by Joni Haglin was presented Sunday, February 21, at Zoar Free Lutheran Church in Hampden.  Them orphans, played by Erin and Chris Morstad, bring this small town to the realization that there is more to Christianity than building a new church and bringing a Reverend, played by Jim Berg, into town.  As the wild West has become more populated, crime has abounded and Sheriff Pete, played by Clyde Myers, has hired a new deputy, sharp shotting’ Sam played by Cassandra Haglin. Everyone enjoyed the excitement, fun, frolic and music.  As the story unfolded you met the remaining town folks including Blacksmith Eddy (Dave Haugen), the Swenson family: Millie (Elizabeth Berg) her daughter, Heidi (Clarinda Haglin) and her son, Carter (Harvey Haglin), Mrs. Ferguson (Gabie Damschen) and her daughter, Hattie Mae, (Brenna Logie), Miss Foster (Kaisa Morstad), Mrs. Benson (Laurie Morstad), Cordelia (Lois Myrvik), Selmer Jacobs (Brad Myrvik), Seth (Ordale Morstad) and Sally (Hannah Morstad).  They gave the presentation at two performances on that day.  There was a very good crowd and they did an excellent job.  thank you to each one of you.

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Hampden Documents

I welcome any documents you can share with me, copies or originals.  I will scan them in and get them back to you.  With your help, we can build a great online collection for all to enjoy! 

hampden school related

graduation programs
1911: 8th grade graduation, pg 1

1911: 8th grade graduation, pg 2

school roll (year ?)
page 1

page 2

page 3

from the final Hampden School Newspaper

page one

page two

page three

page four

page five

page six

page seven

page eight

From The Journal (Devils Lake): the Hampden City Directory (Thanks to Ernest Gjerdenig who gave these to Don Skjervheim who gave them to Richard Lunde who gave us a copy!)
page one
page two
page three
page four

Hampden Newspaper Blurbs

Hampden Newspapers: Online links
microfiche records

Current Hampden “Newspaper” (Julie Neidlinger’s effort)
Hampden Herald

Hampden Happenings Paper (Gabrielle Damschen’s paper)
July 18, 2003

checks from hampden banks
farmers bank of hampden, ex 1

farmers bank of hampden, ex 2

farmers bank of hampden, ex 3

first national bank of hampden

first state bank of hampden

mutual farmers telephone by-laws, pg 1

mutual farmers telephone by-laws, pg 2

hampden implement company, ex 1

hampden implement company, ex 2

shipley investment company ad 1

shipley investment company ad 2

hampden farmers elevator letterhead

These are the businesses you can find in the Hampden community, and the phone numbers to contact them.  All numbers are in the 701 area code.  Click the business name to see a photo or website from the business.


Phone Number

Hampden Oil Company 868-3021
Hampden Mall Cafe
interior shot 1
interior shot 2

interior shot 3
H & H Quilting and Crafts, Jesse’s Hair Dynamics
interior shot 1

interior shot 2
Hampden Bar 868-4241
Hampden Fertilizer Plant 868-3961
Hampden Senior Citizens Center 868-4171
Lunde Implement
Mall Market
interior shot 1

interior shot 2
868-3901 (connected with mall cafe)
Hampden Post Office 868-3111
Hamre Seed Cleaning  
Lue Hermanson Poetry 868-3441
church 1

church 2
Grain Elevator  
Old School Gym  
Lone Prairie Art Works 868-3888

Hampden Photos

These photos have been gathered from all sources possible.

If I have incorrectly identified something or someone, or if you have a photo you would like seen on this page, email it to me. Some of the corrections from the Diamond Jubilee book can’t be made because the captions were incorrectly identified and printed with the picture in the actual book. These are the photos with the captions connected to the actual image. There are apparently a number of errors, as I’ve received a lot of emails, but they cannot be fixed.

I welcome any documents or photos you can share with me, copies or originals.  I will scan them in and get them back to you.  With your help, we can build a great online collection for all to enjoy!

town photos



aerial views, farms

resident photos



celebration photos
prairie winds

diamond jubilee

Hampden Maps: Current

Get to Hampden

Hampden Maps: Townships

Northfield 1956

Northfield 1959

Northfield 1964

Hampden Maps: Town